“Expand your following, educate others, and increase your income”

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I am so sick of seeing ambassadors and sponsored athletes of companies, posting so lazily. The days of magazine ads and people buying supplements for how you look is DONE. Todays age supplements are more advanced, they do work, they do have more research and ambassadors are a dime a dozen. So what makes you special nothing? Nothing. Your main goal should not be to make money. Your main goal should be to HELP others genuinely. Now who doesn’t want to make money right? This should be a side effect of doing something out of passion and heart. Make helping and educating your following your passion and make sure you truly believe in those products from your heart.

Take the time to LEARN and READ about what your are posting. Do not just copy and paste info from your company site. You should know what is in each product, how it works and how to explain it simply. When you take the time to do this and present it to your following, they will appreciate that. In turn, you will start to earn their trust and now that, is priceless. If you truly are helping others and they trust you, they will forever support whatever you are promoting. But never ever lose sight of what you are doing. Do not ever get lost in the chase of a dollar. Be loyal to the brand you are representing, put in the work, put in the effort and all else will follow. Don’t just post a picture of a product saying “powered by”. Learn, read, educate the masses and repeat. To end, ALWAYS BE HONEST.

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