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5 Reasons Your Workouts Suck – And What to Do About It

by Shopify API 24 Apr 2018

Tired of crappy sessions that do nothing for building muscle and losing bodyfat? Here are 5 areas you may be going wrong in, along with how to address them.


1) You Don’t Sleep Enough

Let’s start with the basics.

If you don’t have adequate sleep (7-8 hours), how do you expect to support the intensity needed to build muscle from your training sessions?

Answer: You can’t.

A lack of sleep wreaks havoc on testosterone production and overall hormone development, leading to inconsistent workouts that are lacking in mental focus and physical preparedness.


  •      Focus 1 week solely on going to bed 1 hour earlier than normal
  •      Make your bedroom into a cave-like environment that blocks out artificial light and electronics
  •      Supplement 1 serving of BullDoze 15-30 minutes before bed.

2) You’re Demotivated

What’s wrong with you, man?

In all seriousness, being demotivated in cycles is part-and-parcel of your training career, and it happens even to the best of us.

If you’re generally demotivated with fatigue and struggling to generate intensity, then it may point to a physiological solution that’s needed. Either way, the following are some good techniques to push through demotivation:

  •      Take 1 whole week off training and focus on sleeping better (or deload, lowering the weights)
  •      Change your training program to favour strength movements (back to basics with goal-setting)
  •      Take 1 serving of Stampede Untamed 20-30 minutes pre-workout.


3) Your Nutrition Doesn’t Support Workout Performance

If you’re flagging badly during your workouts, then it’s likely that your nutrition isn’t on point.

This in itself could require a specialist nutritional coach to examine where your nutrition is stuttering, but it’s possible that you’re either not consuming enough calories, or you’re not following an effective intra-workout regime.

Ways to prime your body nutritionally for your workouts include:

  •      Up the carbohydrates once a week if you’re dieting to support glycogen replenishment
  •      Work out your designated daily macronutrient requirements using a calculator online based on your goals
  •      Harness the power of intra-workout nutrition with Raging Full as a super carbohydrate source to prolong endurance, recovery between sets and overall intensity.

4) Excessive Amino Acid Depletion

This may be particularly relevant if you’re long into contest prep or dieting, and your body has started to break down amino acids for fuel.

Not only is this dangerous to your hard-earned muscle mass, it’s also a huge problem for your training performance.

But it’s not just dieters at risk: people who perform large amounts of volume or train with a high frequency also run the risk of breaking down aminos excessively during training.

Without sufficient amino acids ensuring your muscles are fuelled, your recovery between sets will drop dramatically as you struggle to maintain overall performance – the science is pretty conclusive on this.

Here’s what to do when this happens:

  •      Carefully watch overall protein intake during the day, upping it slightly if you’re dieting to offset the potential for muscle breakdown.
  •      Take 1 serving of Grazed throughout the day to support your immune system and fuel your muscles with amino-sparing EAAs.
  •      Consume AminoTaur pre & intra-workout to prevent excessive amino acid depletion during training.

5) You’re Training Too Frequently

It’s rare, but on occasion, it does happen to the overenthusiastic lifter.

Sometimes, we can get so frustrated with our plateaus that we attempt to simply push through them, not realizing often the solution is to do the complete opposite and rest.

If you’re the type of lifter likely to adhere to that description, then consider the following options:

  •      Take a De-load week from heavy training and focus on higher repetitions and overall mobility work as a priority, without going to failure.
  •      Reduce your overall training volume and refine your focus to compound movements
  •      Support overall hormonal development optimally with TauroTest to ensure your testosterone is firing on all cylinders and that it’s not responsible for your drop in performance.

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