Fitness and Family with Emily Waite

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Bodybuilding can be a selfish sport. Having a family and being all in in fitness can be challenging. In the end, Family will come first. This doesn’t mean you can’t get to your end goal. If you’ve put that in your head, that you won’t reach your goal, you’ve already lost. When you want something bad enough you will work HARD for it and at the same time not compromise your family. I believe that this is possible. You might have to overcome a few difficult obstacles, but it’ll happen for you.

My advice to people who want to make it in fitness that have family, is to find a balance. Now I know this I easier said than done. Speaking from my current experience, I prioritize our to do list. We have a really good schedule going so it’s very important that we stick to it or it will off set the rest of the day or possibly the week. Not always are things going to go as planned but it’s those obstacles that you overcome that make you unique. When you get to where you’re going it’s going to make that victory that much sweeter. 

A few tips to help:


  • Get a Big Block Calendar


  • Write in the events that your kids have (ex. Spirit week, class trips, Dr appointments, lunch money due). You need to make sure your kids are living a child’s life. Don’t take away from their fun just because you have another plan for yourself. A happy healthy kid makes for an easy life for all. When Colton’s happy, I’m happy. 
  • What bills are due when, so you don’t have to think more than you need to.
  • Laundry day, food prep, grocery shopping
  • If you’re someone who takes supplements every other day or two, write it in and check it off when taken. That might seem a little ridiculous, but it keeps things streamlined and efficient.


  • Do Things as a Family Every Once in a While


  • Movie night, play outside, just do something that everyone is involved in. Luckily for us, our kid is freakin’ sweet and loves going grocery shopping and riding anything that has a motor. We raised our kid in a gym since he was 2 weeks old, so we have a bit of an advantage there. He loves being in the gym and its part of him. The only reason he’s like that though is because we involved him in it all. 
  1. Don’t Put Things Off That Need to Be Done in the Now
  • That’ll only set you back further and make for an obstacle down the road that doesn’t need to be there. 


Sticking to a schedule is the key in our family, we all play a role. In the end what’s most important is making sure we all come out a happy family. When everyone feels involved and has a purpose in the equation, there’s less stress and things run smoothly. 

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