Gut Health & Ravenous

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Gut Health & Ravenous

Let’s be honest: our eating habits have changed over the years. Capitalism has contributed greatly to modern society and commerce as we know it today, and getting hold of food that isn’t man-made or hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides is a challenge. Modern agricultural practice has dramatically influenced not only what food we eat, but also how we tolerate that food. And, as much as we’d like to believe it, our guts haven’t evolved as substantially as we’d like to believe over the years – that sort of evolutionary change can take up to thousands of years. As a result, our stomach’s are taking a battering, and this doesn’t bode well for muscular growth.

Kombucha as an example, can be an excellent resource for gut health. OMBucha Kombucha has been researched for the last 150 years in labs all over the world from China, India, Serbia, Russia, Germany,Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Korea and beyond. Many of the studies attempt to discern the mechanisms behind its suggested reputation for helping with
– cholesterol
– diabetes
– healthy liver function
– removing toxins
– destroying free radicals
– chemopreventative
– anti-microbial/anti-fungal properties
Keep an eye on the exciting mainstream studies being conducted on Kombucha via Google – Kombucha research studies

A Look At The Gut

The gut is the simple name for the body’s gastrointenstinal tract (GI tract). It is responsible for consuming, digesting and absorbing food, as well as expelling waste. The broadest definition of the GI tract is that it starts at the mouth and ends at the anus and consists of all the structures intertwined in between this passage. Frankly speaking, when we talk about gut health, we’re talking about an immense part of our own physiology that should be cared for with the upmost important to anybody concerned with their health.

Why is the Gut Important for Athletes?

Preserving and enhancing the GI tract is of immense importance to anybody concerned with physique development of performance. Why? Because if you’re consuming a lot of nutrients – and protein in particular – yet your gut isn’t able to release key hormones to break down and absorb the nutrients, then you’re in quite a pickle. Just think of the enormous wasted capabilities of all the individuals who don’t care for their gut: tens of thousands of calories may have been misused, leading to an exponential uptake in fat gain, a decrease in protein synthesis and an enormous impact on overall health. No good gut, no good gains, we’re afraid.

Why We Made Ravenous

Primarily, Ravenous was designed to enhance a mass-hungry individuals appetite in order to enable them to consume the additional calories needed to build muscle. And in this regard, it massively succeeded.

However, all of the aforementioned problems still needed to be addressed. After all, what’s the point in ploughing thousands of calories into your bloodstream if the gut lacks the digestive capabilities to absorb them? That’s where Ravenous steps in and kicks ass once again.

Ravenous has been fortified with 3 complex’s to achieve these goals. As their names imply, Digestaplex, Optizyme & Elimatox are intricate matrix’s designed to cleanse, restore and improve the health of the GI tract. What many don’t know, is that this massive increase in nutrient utilisation and positive partitioning can have extraordinary effects on muscle gain and fat loss.

One of the most frequent comment we receive about Ravenous is

“I’m shocked at how effective it was!”

Unfortunately, this is the state our digestive systems find themselves in today. Luckily, there’s companies as innovative as us trying to find solutions to athletes problems. The scientifically fortified ingredients found within Ravenous have been comprehensively proven to work on all our aforementioned targets. Stay strong, and maximise your digestive capabilities with Ravenous.

gut health and ad ravenous
gut health and ad ravenous

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