Off Season and Reverse Diet – The Facts with Tammy Patnode

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I have had an influx of first timers taking the stage this year and I have been asked a ton of questions about reverse diet and off season. I wanted to touch base on some important transitional strategies for making off season enjoyable and plentiful.

First- my clients will have reverse plan in place coming off your show. I can’t stress how important this is. Post show your body becomes a sponge to absorb fat. The worst thing you can do is eat like it’s your last meal before the electric chair, and down right binge. I see it a lot. People back stage will have tupperwares full of cookies and donuts, a duffle of candy and crap. My rule is all post show food is in a restaurant. Don’t buy it. Once you leave the restaurant, it’s over. I have seen people gain 20 plus lbs in 7 days. Eyes almost shut from water retention. Not to mention the stress that puts on your heart. Stopping cardio and eating your face off is a recipe for disaster! Cardio is tapered and foos slowly
Is increased over 4-6 weeks.

Now I am not saying to not enjoy yourself. Nothing is more satisfying than your post show meal. But have a plan. Don’t eat to eat. Get what you love. Nachos with the table and a burger. And have or share a dessert. You will fill up easily and eyes will be bigger than your stomach. And drink tons of water.

My rule of thumb is enjoy Saturday evening. Enjoy breakfast out and a meal w your family. Drink lots of water. Move.
Monday it’s on your reverse plan. It starts out bumpy sometimes and that’s ok. But remember your goals for off season. We have discussed them. What you need to improve on. And we don’t want to cut our improvement season down bc you need to diet for 25 weeks.

I know a few of my clients have not done this and regretted it. Live and learn. I do all I can to keep this transition easy!

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