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MATADOR – Glucose Disposal
Matador is the ultimate glucose disposal agent. It amplifies the anabolic effects of the master hormone insulin, driving nutrients forcefully towards the muscles for extreme growth and away from unwanted fat storage. Enhances muscular pumps during training sessions and oxygen delivery to muscles, promoting...
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RAVENOUS – Digestive Support
The most comprehensive appetite-enhancement and digestive aid on the market, Ravenous stimulates your body’s hunger hormones and enhances nutrient utilisation. Helps to break down food more efficiently, enhancing nutrient partitioning in the process. Ideal for athletes looking to consume more calories, promote digestive health...
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HEART + – Cardiovascular Support
The most comprehensive formula ever created for safeguarding the body’s cardiovascular system, Heart+ optimises the organ’s function and cleanses the body of harmful substances. Improves blood flow, supports your central nervous system (CNS) and enhances cell communication to maximise overall health. An essential supplement...
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The Importance of Sleep

by Shopify API 01 Oct 2014

Here at Project AD, we don’t do “normal”.

Normal is eating chocolate bars and crisps when you’re feeling peckish. Normal is a pint after work to alleviate the 8 hours of doodling tedium at the office desk prior to that. Normal is staying up all night flicking through NetFlix because you want to hold off the meaninglessness of tomorrow. It’s fair to say, if you’re a part of our movement, you don’t do “normal”.

As an athlete, your needs are different. It includes meticulous meal preparation, grueling workouts that leave you feeling like a god, and plenty of long, quality sleep. Put them all together, and it’s a recipe for a successful life, packed with fulfillment and certainly looking awesome.

Yet it’s the last ingredient in that formula for being strong, lean and jacked that so many of our movement are currently failing miserably on. Eating ample protein every day? That’s a given. Pushing your body through the limits of what man thought was possible in the gym? You bet, baby. But sleeping like a newborn for 8 hours per night? Ugh… Sorry, can’t do that.

It’s a sadly familiar tale we’re hearing a lot of, and that’s a damn shame. Because you can hit those macros and train like a god 365 days per year, but if you’re not sleeping consistently in between, then I hate to break it to you, but you’re not just cutting yourself short – no, this is a full blown amputation of results. Things have to change.

Why You Need Sleep

Did you know that anything under 7 hours sleep per night will result in:

  • More bodyfat accumulation
  • Stubborn bodyfat becoming more resistant to shift
  • The risk of overtraining becoming inevitable
  • A significant reduction in strength on all lifts
  • Excessive mental fatigue
  • Lowered cognitive performance
  • Decreased libido (sex drive)
  • Low testosterone

These are all absolutely crucial components when it comes to being a big, strong, lean unit, and it’s a sorry sign that many of you are so negligent of your sleep that it’s come to the fact that we’re having to bring another kickass product out to rectify the situation. Just think of the gains you’re selling yourself short on by not getting adequate rest every night. It’s really quite shocking and will extend to sub-par performance in your personal life, too.

Well, you ask the powers at Project AD, and we’ll deliver a solution.

BullDoze To The Rescue

The biggest misconception about BullDoze is that it’s just a product to consume for providing a great sleep – it’s not. It’s a powerful formula containing only the purest extracts from proven ingredients such as ZMA, L-Dopamine, Colostrum, L-Theanine and more. What users can expect from this product goes beyond the realm of increased energy and a better mood from restful sleep. You will also feel a prevalent difference in your sex drive (never a bad thing) and see a noticeable difference in your body composition due to the enhancement of positive hormones in the body. Lastly, with these powerful benefits comes an an evident increase in performance: people who sleep better smash PR’s in the gym and have enhanced cognitive function in the workplace. I urge people not just to look at BullDoze as a great health supplement, but also a powerful performance and physique amplifier that could radically alter your response to training.”

-Joe Binley, Project AD CEO.

As CEO Joe Binley so succinctly put things, BullDoze is much more than a non-addictive, natural sleep enhancer. It’s also been designed to enhance sex drive, body composition and performance in the gym. It rectifies all the problems associated with sleep deprivation and supercharges your results in other areas as well.

Sometimes you just have to let formulas speak for themselves. The ingredients and compounds found within BullDoze are nothing short of innovative; it’s the product that many in the industry dubbed “the best on the market” in its category. Their words, not ours.

Trust us, give BullDoze a try. You’ll be amazed at the potency of this phenomenal product.

Remember: You are NOT normal. You are a Project AD athlete, and that means nothing but the best for your body.

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