Prepping For Thanksgiving

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The last Thursday of this month is Thanksgiving. A word that is synonymous with four letters, FOOD. 

It is no secret that Thanksgiving for most is a day of guiltless gluttony with family and friends. For most they don’t even hesitate to eat their fill of pies, stuffings, and dressings. 

If you’re someone who’s a competitor or has a regimented nutrition plan, this day can be a nightmare. 

You’ll hear it from most people involved in fitness “Thanksgiving is the day where diets don’t matter and calories don’t count, pick it back up Friday!”. I completely agree that the only Tupperware that should be used on thanksgiving is for taking home leftovers. Our families spend enough time during the year allowing us to be abnormal with food, not 

Eating at family gatherings or dinners due to being prep or on plan. But thanksgiving is one of those days where we should allow ourselves to be normal and eat like everyone else. It is just ONE day of eating it won’t set you back as much as you think. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to eat until you’re physically unable to move. 

With all this being said most of us still struggle mentally with Thanksgiving. We want to eat normal. We want to indulge. But while it’s not talked about, a lot of competitors struggle with eating. Once that switch is flipped and we start enjoying food, it can turn into a craving, guilt driven binge. But there are some tips and ways to “Prep for Turkey Day” 

–  Reduce your caloric intake for a few days prior to Thanksgiving. Even a few days of moderate to no carbs will prepare your body for the glucose infusion to come. 


On Wednesday, fast for the day. For a lot of us the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is filled with travel. Not only will fasting during traveling save you time. It will also prime your body for all the food. 

If possible on Thanksgiving morning wake up and go to the gym early. Personally I’ll wake up early, drink a couples scoops of Raging Full and Aminotaur and go get a hard back or leg session in. Yet again priming my body to utilize the food 

HYDRATE!! Before and after your feasting sessions, drink plenty of fluid. Although you’ll be very full from food you still need the liquid to help with processing the food and digestion. Lack of hydration will ensure you feel heavy and bloated. 

Plan your training for the week so that on Friday 


You’re training a body part that you’re wanting to bring up. Your body will be overloaded with glycogen which will lead to an awesome session. 

Thanksgiving is where Ravenous and Matador SHINE! Remember you’re going to be eating lots of foods your body is not used to eating normally. So ravenous will help facilitate digestion and keep you from having bubble gut. Along with matador helping to control your glucose levels so you’re not passed out on the couch in a sugar coma from to much Pecan Pie. 

And most importantly, while the food is amazing and we love our thanksgiving feast. Remember that the day is about spending time with our family and friends being thankful for them and all that we have. Food is just the cherry on top. 

You won’t remember in 10 years the food you ate, but you will remember the conversations, laughs and love shared with your loved ones. 

So grab your Matador and Ravenous, get your favorite hoodie and sweat pants ready to go. Eat till your belly is stuffed and your hearts are full and remember to enjoy the day. And always get a second slice of pie.

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