Sleep Deprivation & You – Part 2 Grazed

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joe_binley_04_14_0029In Part 1 of our article series into sleep deprivation, we were able to analyse how even a short reduction in REM sleep was able to effectively thrash testosterone levels significantly, leading to poorer muscular gains, sexual activity and even less fat loss.


We countered this point by not only suggesting an immediate implementation of BullDoze to combat these disturbing findings immediately, and to enhance REM sleep so that we can resume gaining muscle at an appropriate rate.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the other ill-effects of sleep deprivation, and how they can effect your physique and overall well-being.


862144_10151796350887542_625111467_nNutrient Partitioning: This is a common term used to describe how bodybuilders and athletes distribute ingested nutrients throughout their body’s. An individual with good nutrient partitioning will shuttle nutrients towards protein synthesis (muscle building), as well as the effective storage of glycogen in muscles.

It’s no surprise to see several studies conclusively saying that even short term sleep deprivation leads to an enhanced rate of fat gain, as well as the body shutting off mechanisms able to blunt fat burning by up to 30%!


Insulin sensitivity: Studies conducted over the course of three weeks show that healthy adults have enhanced insulin resistance, as well as being more prone to metabolic syndrome and hypertension.

Insulin sensitivity is closely tied to nutrient partitioning, and it’s also where a supplement such as Matador can work wonders to correct. Ever thought you gain too much fat and not enough muscle, despite being reasonably good on your diet? You probably have poor nutrient partitioning / insulin sensitivity.


Cognitive Performance: Not only does a prolonged reduction of sleep result in increased levels of depression, it also lowers cognitive performance with prevalent aspects being harmed including problem solving and creativity.


Immune System: Lack of sleep damages your body’s ability to fight back against illness and diseases, the most crucial defensive mechanisms necessary for survival.

Supplementing with InvinciBull can effectively safeguard you against this aspect.

Cortisol: Perhaps invariably, sleep deprivation leads to an increase in the body’s secretion of cortisol, a catabolic hormone released during periods of stress. Excessive levels of cortisol are a common enemy of bodybuilders and athletes, and will wreak havoc across all areas of physique and performance.

Fighting Back Against the Enemies

Obviously, we’re not going to leave you hanging without the solutions to any of these problems! And while BullDoze is the first port of call to rectify the sleeping issue, here’s a few additional options you may wish to consider if you’re intent on really taking your gains to the next level:

For Nutrient Partitioning: Matador & TauroTest (ShredaBull is cutting)

For Insulin Sensitivity: Matador, ShredaBull & TauroTest

For Cognitive Performance: Shredabull

For the Immune System: InvinciBull & Grazed

For Cortisol: Grazed, InvinciBull & either Bullk or TauroTest V2.


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